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McEwan Group Launches Partnership with Farmia Agritech

TORONTO - McEwan Group is partnering with Farmia Agritech, a Toronto-based hydroponic vertical farm to introduce in-store farming systems within the McEwan retail stores. Farmia's technology allows for high-yield growth in facilities and in stores which creates a direct tower-to-basket shopping experience for customers.

"Very excited for the arrival of our vertical garden from Farmia! Incredibly efficient way to grow, better than organic, and zero pesticides, very important in today's world," says Mark McEwan, President of McEwan Group. "Partnering with Farmia, a Canadian-based company, allows us to stand at the forefront of agricultural innovation all while providing fresh produce to our customers."

Farmia represents the future of farming by providing 30x higher yield, 99% less water demand and better-quality food without pesticides. Hydroponic Growing in McEwan is a fully automated system which applies the most advanced agricultural technologies from crop and seed tracking to environment optimization.

Source : Cision

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