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Ministry of Agriculture Looking For Producer Input

The Province is adopting a permission-based survey system within the Ministry of Agriculture for this year.

Crops Extension Specialist Sara Tetland says that it means they are looking for farmers to contact their Regional offices and give the Ministry permission for staff to come onto their land to do the surveys.

She notes the information gathered is important as it is used in developing pest and insect forecast maps as to what’s happening in the field.

“Some of the surveys we do include diamondback, aster yellows, leafhoppers, pea leaf weevils, grasshopper survey. So, there's quite a few different insect surveys we do. We also do a variety of different disease surveys so this includes chickpea root rot, field pea disease, lentil disease, cereal disease, canola disease, flax disease, and a few other different disease surveys as well.”

Tetland says they follow strict bio-security guidelines.

“For each of the surveys, we go out to the field following biosecurity protocols. It depends on which survey we are doing but most of them involve going out into the field and looking for symptoms, either from the insect pest by feeding or disease symptoms.”

Tetland is encouraging producers willing to participate in the survey process to contact their Ministry of Agriculture Regional offices or the Ag Knowledge Centre and give their permission for staff to do the survey on their land.

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