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Modest changes in winter wheat quality across southern plains

The agricultural scene in the Southern Plains has seen subtle changes this week, particularly in winter wheat conditions. Oklahoma's winter wheat is now 44% good to excellent, down from 49% last week, reflecting a small decline. The state's planting and emergence rates for winter wheat are stable, matching or slightly deviating from the norm. 

Kansas's winter wheat has experienced a minor improvement, with 33% rated good to excellent, slightly up from the previous week. The state also shows advancements in soybean and sorghum harvests, along with cotton harvesting pacing ahead of the average. 

Texas's winter wheat shows a slight improvement in conditions from last week, though planting and emergence are a bit below the average. The state's cotton and peanut harvests continue, with slight variations from the previous year and the average.  

Nationally, winter wheat's overall condition is fairly stable, with slight improvements noted this week. Corn and cotton harvesting are ongoing, aligning closely with the five-year average. 

In Oklahoma, livestock and pasture conditions have seen a slight decline, mirroring the challenges in the region. Hay cuttings are ongoing, with varying progress compared to the past year. 

This update underscores the dynamic nature of agricultural activities in the Southern Plains, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of the farming community in the face of ever-changing conditions. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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