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More fishing opportunities for Albertans

Alberta’s 2020 sport fishing regulations include additional opportunities for recreational fishing and are now available online and in hard copy form.

Based on feedback heard at open house events held across the province over the winter and online through our TalkAEP portal, the 2020 regulations feature new or additional opportunities to harvest walleye, northern pike and yellow perch from water bodies with sustainable populations.

“Fishing is an important part of Alberta’s cultural fabric. This winter, Albertans told us they wanted additional opportunities to catch and keep fish from water bodies where additional harvest is sustainable. I’m very pleased that we were able to identify and offer additional angling and conservation opportunities in most areas of the province for the 2020 season. Remember, when you’re out on the water to ensure you’re practising social distancing and following all public health advice. ” Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

Alberta’s sport fishing regulations support a fisheries management system that aims to make our fisheries strong, healthy, vibrant and sustainable for future generations.

“The Alberta Fish and Game Association is pleased with the changes to the 2020 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations and want to thank Minister Nixon and his staff for beginning to address longstanding concerns. We know that more positive changes will occur in the future. Even during these trying times, outdoor activities such as fishing are possible provided they are done in the context of the orders and guidelines outlined by Alberta Health during what, at the present time, is a public health emergency.” Delinda Ryerson, executive director, Alberta Fish and Game Association

The additional opportunities included in the 2020 regulations are meant to complement the province’s conservation efforts along the eastern slopes to support a healthy fish habitat and the recovery of westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout and Athabasca rainbow trout.

About 300,000 anglers fish Alberta’s lakes and rivers every year, with sport fishing contributing more than $600 million annually to Alberta’s economy.

The 2020 Alberta Sportfishing Regulations come into effect on April 1.

While enjoying the outdoors, we encourage all Albertans to practise appropriate physical distancing and abide by the other public health recommendations. Government looks forward to working toward additional fisheries changes with input from Alberta anglers and conservationists.

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