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NDSU Study Documents Impacts Of Fusarium Head Blight

DON (deoxynivalenol) and Fusarium head blight affect the entire wheat industry, from the farmer all the way to end user.

Dr. William Wilson of North Dakota State University was involved in a study that documented the impacts of the disease in the U.S.

He was in Winnipeg last month to present his findings, and commented on the cost to the industry.

"It's a big number in the United States, it's in the area of $4 or 5 billion dollars over time, and over time the research has generated a return in the area of about 34 per cent."

Dr. Wilson notes the two mitigation efforts that are most effective for producers are growing a resistant variety of wheat, along with the increase use of fungicide.

He says the incidents of DON have improved over time, however it still does exist.

Source : Steinbachonline