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New Bothwell Area Company Wins Ag Days Safety Competition

A New Bothwell-based company took home first prize last week at Manitoba Ag Days 2018 in the Farm Safety Feature Competition.
John and Angelika Gehrer own and operate Never Spill Spout Inc. and sell a product called the Full Bin Alarm.
Angelika explains how they came up with the idea.
"My husband invented it for himself 15 years ago. We came to Brandon to the show in 2003, won the second prize for new inventions without having any production. Now we have over 10,000 out there, 70 per cent of all our sales are repeat sales and recommendations from neighbours."
She says the product eliminates the need for climbing bins, and helps to prevent overfilling and plugging augers. Safety was the main reason Angelika's husband John came up with the idea.
Source : Steinbachonline