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New crop onions from Quebec only two weeks away

For some onion growers in Quebec, the harvest is only a matter of weeks away. While conditions have been generally cool and rainy during spring and early summer, hotter weather over the past week has boosted growth. Growers say they are pleased with how the crop is progressing.
"Everything is planted and seeded and so far, things are going well," shared Steven Lemelin of Bunny Farm. "We are happy with the weather and growing conditions we have experienced in Quebec. This is despite hot weather passing through the region in recent days, which although not ideal, will not be detrimental, especially as it's been so cold. The field looks excellent and there are no quality issues."
Quebec growers hope to join strong market
For Bunny Farm, the harvest is expected to begin on July 24 - in just two weeks. This early crop is from transplanted seeds, in order for the company to have some early onions. According to Lemelin, the market is short of product right now and suppliers are getting good prices for onions.
"We are hoping the market will remain strong as it is now once we enter it," he said. "We should be able to catch some good prices before more significant volume follows. Right now, we have a variety of yellow onion and we aim to have supply run through until at least March."
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