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New GPS Software Integration Helps Improve Transport Biosecurity

A Customer Success Representative with Farm Health Guardian says new software being integrated into various GPS tracking systems will enable pork producers and veterinarians to more efficiently deal with biosecurity breaches during the transport of pigs, both reactively and proactively. Farm Health Guardian is a biosecurity software system that helps protect pig farms and poultry farms from the spread of disease by allowing farmers and food companies to track animal movement.

Farm Health Guardian Customer Success Representative Adam Black says preexisting fleet management software systems are being integrated with Motive, which tracks vehicles and provides an added layer of biosecurity.

Quote-Adam Black-Farm Health Guardian:

By being able to monitor the movements of these trucks, from a reactive standpoint, veterinary teams or logistics teams can look back during a disease investigation and identify the vehicles that might be at risk then pull those vehicles, clean them, do what ever is needed to get them back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Then proactively we can set up these breach alerts that can stop the vehicle and alert the vehicle before it enters the property or enters a few properties.
There's the famous quite, "you only manage what you measure."This way the can management and measure vehicle breaches, the overall biosecurity easily and simply on a single dashboard just to improve the overall biosecurity.It's all about continuous improvement.You can use this for training purposes when there's new hires.But overall, it's just a simple easy way to improve biosecurity.

Black says GPS tracks when a vehicle enters and exits a farm property and the new software integration can be configured to provide alerts to warn that there is a potential biosecurity breach and that action needs to be taken.He says, by monitoring truck movements, vehicles that might be at risk can be pulled from service, cleaned and returned to service as quickly and efficiently as possible before they can infect other properties.
Further details can be accessed by searching Farm Health Guardian.

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