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New John Deere Tractor X Series Mowing Lineup For 2013

For 2013, new John Deere X700 Signature Series Tractors replace the John Deere X700 Ultimate Series with updated styling and a host of new and improved features to strengthen their position as the best mowing tractors available. Key feature enhancements include improvements to styling, engine cooling, four-wheel steering, operator comfort, and mower decks.

Model numbers and major features are similar to the John Deere X700 Ultimate tractors replaced. Add '10' to the old model number to get the new model number (X710 replaces the X700, etc.). There is no replacement for the X749.

Up-to-date styling with new controls, seat, and fender deck to position the operator in the tractor rather than on the tractor, for more comfort and productivity.

A professional two-piece seat has a thick cushion and a back that easily tilts to the optimum angle for each operator. The seat design includes a provision for installing an optional armrest kit, BM24426.

The steel fender deck has rolled edges for extra strength.

New frame design

Full-length welded steel frame

The frame design is enhanced to give longer life:

  • Thicker transaxle mounts
  • Welded-on plate is 0.25-in. (6-mm) thick, 0.08-in. (2-mm) thicker than previous transaxle mounting points on frame.
  • The additional welded-on plate allows homogeneous frame rail cross-sections, stronger than mounting transaxle directly to the frame.
  • Cross-braces welded in place versus bolted

Engine cooling and performance
Large cooling-air screens, designed into the hood and pedestal area, stay cleaner during operation and are easier to clean, if necessary. Airflow through the radiator is improved for more efficient engine cooling:

  • The radiator has 14 percent more volume and has ten fins per inch versus eight to give a 30 percent greater heat rejection rate.
  • The radiator screen is easy to pull out and clean once the hood is raised.

Four-wheel steering performance
On the X734, X739, and X754, four-wheel steering increases mowing efficiency. Time and effort required to trim around trees and other objects is reduced, the operator's ability to cut square corners is improved, and overall maneuverability is increased compared to a two-wheel steer tractor. Improvements for the Signature Series include:

  • More clearance under the tractor to allow a deep-deck-design mower (new high-capacity decks) to be used on four-wheel steer models
  • Reduced complexity with fewer parts
  • Optimized ball joint travel and angles (reduced from 20 degrees to 10 degrees)
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