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New multiplier nucleus farm supports investment in Mexico

Latin America is one of the top key areas of development for Hendrix Genetics. In particular, Mexico’s pig production is expected to grow thanks to increased demand in consumption and new export opportunities. To address this growing demand and develop this region of opportunity, Hendrix Genetics has opened a multiplier nucleus farm in Mexico.

Previously, Hypor breeding stock in Mexico was supplied from our North American nucleus units. With the opening of a nucleus multiplier in Mexico, customers can rely on genetic supply without the risk of issues during transport across borders. From an animal welfare perspective, the new nucleus multiplier removes the added stress of long-distance travel for the pigs. From a sustainability standpoint, a significant amount of resources can be saved by eliminating the need for transportation.

This new farm, located in Chihuahua, Mexico will house pure line and great-grandparent stock for the production of grandparent and parent stock for our customers. The barns will house 1,200 l GGP sows. The location of Chihuahua was chosen for high biosecurity due to its remote location. The farm itself was designed with strict sanitary zones to protect the health of the animals. The first animals were placed in July, and we expect to start supplying customers with product in July 2022.

This modern facility was established with our longstanding partner – NS Group. Since 2010, NS Group has been the strategic partner of Hypor genetics in Mexico. This has been a fruitful partnership for our customers as they can source high-quality genetics from Hypor and collaborate with NS Group for farm construction and supply of equipment.

Another unique aspect of this project was the concept of creating a “Hypor Academy” program to be run through this facility. Our goal is to invite technical service people from all over Mexico to train at this farm and learn the most up-to-date management skills in a hands-on way. There is a high demand for skilled animal husbandry people, especially in Latin America, where pig production is growing and becoming more modernized. The Hypor training program will give people a unique opportunity to advance their skills and develop their career potential. We are currently seeking sponsors and partners to develop this training program.

We are pleased to support the Mexican pork industry with high-quality genetics, state-of-the-art facilities, and exceptional technical service.

Source : Hypor

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