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New PDS Diagnostic Extension Service Assists in Interpreting Diagnostic Results

A new swine diagnostic extension service now being offered by Prairie Diagnostic Services in partnership with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine is helping veterinarians and farmers translate diagnostic results into treatment. Prairie Diagnostic Services is a full-service animal health diagnostic laboratory that provides diagnostic services for all animal species and primarily serves clinical veterinarians but also animal owners and researchers.

Dr. Yanyun Huang, an Anatomic Pathologist and CEO with PDS says its new service provides analysis of the diagnostic results and assistance in formulating treatment.

Clip-Dr. Yanyun Huang-Prairie Diagnostic Services:

We partnered with Drs. John Harding and Matheus Costa. Both are professors in WCVM so they are going to take and answer client phone calls and emails regarding, when they have consultation needs on a diagnostic plan. If veterinarians are facing a case that they're not quite sure what to submit as diagnostic samples and what tests to request, Dr, Harding and Dr. Costa can help them with that.

When there's a complex clinical case, for example if a veterinarian submitted several cases to PDS at different times and the reports were generated by different diagnostic professionals and the veterinarian needed some help to put all the reports and data and results together and needed some expert second option regarding the clinical actions, they can also contact our services.

Finally, if the veterinarians have the diagnostic results and they are in need of a second pair of eyes or a second opinion on how that can translate into their clinical actions, they can also contact Drs. John Harding and Matheus Costa.

Source : Farmscape

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