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Nipawin bank celebrates Canada’s Ag Day

The Bank of Nova Scotia in Nipawin recognized Canada’s Ag Day with a special in-branch display this week.

Branch manager Travis Loblaw said the agriculture sector is very important to the community of Nipawin and the surrounding area. He said over 50 per cent of their customers are involved in agriculture in some form.

“I think in most of rural Saskatchewan, there’s an understanding that without strong support in the ag sector, a lot of our communities wouldn’t thrive. We realize we can support our communities by supporting the ag sector itself,” he said.

The Nipawin Scotiabank team set up a display in the branch that included contributions from local businesses and organizations. Loblaw said they wanted to showcase different aspects of agriculture.

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Sheep Farming: Adapting To Change

Video: Sheep Farming: Adapting To Change

Today at Ewetopia Farms, we have a lot of sheep that needed to adapt to change. Firstly, we had a first-time ewe, Cami, who had a ewe lamb which she was quite nervous about nursing. Sometimes young ewes need to learn to get used to the feeling of nursing and having a new baby. We also moved another group of lambs over to the Coveralls including the bottle baby group. These bottle babies had to not only adjust to a new barn, but also had to learn where the new bottle holder was and how to get in there. We also released another lamb into the family group so he also had to adapt to new living conditions. Adaptations are part of life on a sheep farm and it is fun to watch and see how everyone copes.

Sheep and sheep farming is our passion and we hope that the love we have for what we do is obvious to you the viewers. Our operation is a large scale, registered Suffolk and Poll Dorset sheep farm combining the best of pasture and confinement to manage the flock for maximum comfort, minimal stress, and producing a consistent, very high quality product. Our focus is on providing breeding stock for sale to other sheep producers. All our sheep are treated with the utmost compassion which I think will become evident as you join us on our daily rounds on our working sheep farm in eastern Ontario, Canada.

I hope you enjoy this video. If you would like to follow along with us and experience life on a real live sheep farm on a daily basis, please subscribe so that you don't miss a single episode!