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No Silver Bullet For Managing Clubroot

A canola program was held Tuesday morning at Manitoba Ag Days.
Justine Cornelson with the Canola Council of Canada talked about keys to managing clubroot.
"Clubroot is a unique plant disease which we seem to struggle with managing," she said. "It continues to spread across the Prairies. You have to be scouting for it, you need to be in the field pulling up plants having a look at that root system to see if you have an issue or not."
Other management strategies include lengthening the rotation for canola to one in three years and using a clubroot resistant variety. Patch management is also important as is minimizing soil movement.
Cornelson notes that clubroot is now found all across Manitoba at low levels. She adds there are eight RM's showing signs of the disease with a new one in the Interlake discovered this past year. There are close to 40 fields with confirmed plant symptoms.
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