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Nuffield Canada chooses four scholarship candidates for 2020

Four exceptional scholarship candidates have been selected from Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta to become the 2020 Nuffield Canada Scholars. Amy Cronin, Andrew Rosychuk, Jodi Souter and Dawn Trautman will be presented with this prestigious national award at a ceremony on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza in Fredericton, NB.
"Nuffield Canada is connected to an extensive global network of international Nuffield alumni, who continue to support travelling scholars to maximize their learning experience in all sectors of agriculture,” says E. Blake Vince, 2013 Scholar & Nuffield Canada Chairman. “We believe that this Canadian leadership program is unique and one of a kind, resulting in diverse perspectives that influence the future of our industry’s success.”
A passionate leader, advocate and mother of six, Amy Cronin has already created waves within the agricultural landscape. Amy plans to take a comprehensive look at the risk management strategies implemented by successful farm businesses, agricultural industries and governments around the world. Amy Cronin, 44, lives in Bluevale, ON and is receiving a scholarship funded by Grain Farmers of Ontario.
A city slicker turned visionary farmer, Andrew Rosychuk is the owner of Rosy Farms, a haskap orchard in the prairies. His topic of study will focus on the value in developing on-farm, medium scale processing units giving the primary producer an advantage in capitalizing a value added ingredient or product. Andrew Rosychuk, 34, lives in Edmonton, AB and is receiving a scholarship funded by Nuffield Canada.
An accomplished and motivated scientist, Jodi Souter is an independent plant breeder who believes that the future opportunities for Canada’s crop sector is limitless. Jodi plans to learn more about the progress and limitations surrounding crop development in varying political environments. She will gain insight into opportunities enabled by the Plant Breeders Rights Act and hopes to promote innovations in the development of cutting-edge varieties to enable farmers to be more competitive in the global market. Jodi Souter, 31, lives in Saskatoon, SK and is receiving a scholarship funded by Canadian Canola Growers Association.
“Innovation in agriculture is supported by a commitment to grow industry leaders with vision and curiosity,” says Bernie McClean, President of the Canadian Canola Growers Association. “Our commitment to Nuffield Canada and to Jodi Souter’s scholarship will build leadership capacity and support innovation in Canada’s cropping sector.”
A futurist in technology, Dawn Trautman is a manager of Smart Agriculture and Food Innovation with Alberta Innovates. Dawn plans to study the barriers for Smart Agriculture adoption for producers while also expanding on opportunities for technology companies to develop and integrate made-in-Canada solutions for sustainable production. Dawn Trautman, 33, lives in Edmonton, AB and is receiving a scholarship funded by Alberta Wheat Commission.
“I am so honoured to receive a Nuffield Canada scholarship for 2020,” says Dawn Trautman, 2020 Nuffield Canada Candidate. “For me, this scholarship means possibility; to discover, network and grow. It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Since 1950, Canadian Nuffield scholars have traveled the world and brought new ideas home. It is with the generous support of our investors and Nuffield alumni that these international opportunities are made possible.
Source : Nuffield