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ParaLevel option now available on MF Activa S combines

ParaLevel option now available on MF Activa S combines
Massey Ferguson is introducing its unique ParaLevel levelling system to its class-leading MF Activa S range of combines. With levelling capability up to 20%, this increases the choice for farmers with sloping land.
First seen on the MF Beta range, this robust, straightforward system is available on the MF Activa S 5- and 6-walker MCS (Multi Crop Separator) models. It uses parallel linkage for machine levelling whilst allowing the fitment of wider tyres but maintaining the important 3.5m width for road transport.
“It’s surprising how much of our cropped land requires a levelling system to get the most from a combine harvester,” says Adam Sherriff, Market Development Manager, Massey Ferguson Harvesting. “The ParaLevel system not only improves safety but also enables the operator to really enhance performance by reducing losses and improving the sample quality from these hilly areas, rather than making compromises when operating on sloping terrain.”
The innovative Massey Ferguson ParaLevel system provides automatic levelling across slopes of up to 20% on the standard 4WD unit and 15% on the optional 2WD specification using a parallel linkage. The compact and clever system connects the front wheel hubs to the chassis via a lower triangular-shaped bracket and a link arm above – forming a parallelogram-shaped linkage.
The neat design means that there is no need for cumbersome assemblies to turn the entire final drive units – it moves only the hubs. This offers the distinct advantage of allowing the combines to be equipped with wide tyres and still remain within the permitted transport width limit of 3.5m - for example, 800/65 R32 tyres on the MF 7345 MCS ParaLevel. Also as the combine rises, stability increases because the parallel linkage has the effect of slightly widening the track width.
Source : Massey Ferguson

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