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Plan Now for Spring Grazing with These Resources

Plan Now for Spring Grazing with These Resources
By Nicole Santangelo
Pasture Management is a year-round endeavor. Plan now for increased forage production in 2019 and beyond.
Considerations for Spring Cleanup:
Improving pasture production and increasing spring green-up requires forethought and planning. How you graze pastures early in the spring can impact production throughout 2019 and even into subsequent years. Relieving pressure from pastures during sensitive times of the year can make a difference on pasture performance in the following seasons. Therefore, check out our learn now video on Maximizing Spring Green Up on Pasture.
Attend a Pasture Workshop:
Join the Penn State Extension Field and Forage Crop Team for an upcoming Pasture Workshop in Washington, Columbia, Centre, or Jefferson Counties. Workshops will be from 10 am-2:30 pm with registration and beginning at 9:15 am.
Topics to be covered by Extension specialists and educators include forage species selection; pasture weed control; ruminant nutrition; forage quality; pasture liming and fertility; and extending the grazing season. Register for a Pasture Workshop near you today.
Take the Grazing 101 Course:
If online learning is your preferred method, check out the Grazing 101 course from the comfort of your home. This course will help you learn how to sustainably manage beef cattle, sheep and meat goats on pasture. Discussion in the course includes variables concerning grazing systems, paddocks, fencing, and forage quality.