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Pork Producers Interested in New Barn Construction Encouraged to Contact Manitoba Pork For Assistance

By Bruce Cochrane

The general manager of Manitoba Pork is encouraging anyone considering building a new hog barn to contact the organization for assistance in navigating the permitting process.

DGH Engineering has prepared a detailed budget estimate on behalf of Manitoba Pork, to construct new hog finisher facilities under current market conditions, using typical 2,000 and 4,000 head finisher barns as models.

Manitoba Pork general manager Andrew Dickson says the documents provide producers a starting point from which they can estimate the real cost of building a hog barn.

Andrew Dickson-Manitoba Pork:
The engineering firm took 2 standard designs and proceeded to do materials estimates for the lumber, the concrete, the rebar, the penning, the waterers, the electrical supply, machinery, site preparation, power supply, the construction of the manure storage facility, the plumbing, graveling and so on, that would be required to build these 2 types of barns.

We didn't ask them to look at innovative penning layouts or anything like that.

We wanted to use a standard design and then do detailed cost estimates by going and talking to the potential suppliers of these materials and then applying the normal discounts you would have for a commercial business and allow for contingencies in case of cost overruns and also the usual fees that go with requiring a professional engineer to do the design work, preparation of documents for the planning process through municipalities and the licensing requirements that will be required by the province with Manitoba Conservation, with the Office of the Fire Commissioner for the building permit and with Manitoba Hydro.

Dickson notes the documents have been posted to Manitoba Pork's web site and he encourages anyone interested in constructing a new barn to contact Manitoba Pork for information and assistance in working through the permitting process..

Source: Farmscape