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Precision Technology Creates A Buzz

When it comes to "precision" in agriculture, beekeeping isn't the first thing which springs to mind.
But some new innovations could change that perception.
Tracey Smith with Montreal-based company "Nectar" says their small device monitors the temperature, humidity and sound within the hive and relays the data to your cell phone, allowing you to keep tabs on the queen bee.
"When there's no queen in the hive, the temperature will tend to be more variable or possibly lower," she says. "When there is a queen in the hive, the temperature will be a more steady, slightly higher, and the bees will make a different buzzing noise when there's no queen."
Smith says it's very important for beekeepers to be able to quickly determine whether or not the queen is in the hive.
"If there's no queen in the middle of the honey production season, the yield from the hive will be quite a bit lower. If you can get in and replace that queen, your yields will end up being higher."
The system has a small hexagon shaped device which attaches to the hive connected by Bluetooth to a "BeeHub" tower in the centre of the yard, which then transfers hive information to your phone through a cell network.
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