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Processing vegetable growers dismayed at lack of consultation OPVG awaits release of proposed changes to regulated marketing system

LONDON - Ontario’s processing vegetable growers are disappointed that a major announcement by the province concerning its intent to overhaul the regulated marketing system was made without any input from the grower community.
“The board’s position on changes to the marketing system has been clear – we want the opportunity to be involved in developing a marketing structure and process that directly impacts the livelihood our farm families depend on,” says Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG) Vice Chair Michael Denys, a Wallaceburg-area grower who was elected to the board in 2018 after serving one year as an appointed director. 
The OPVG board has not seen the regulatory proposals that Ontario Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman announced in an open letter posted yesterday, and are awaiting their release by the Farm Products Marketing Commission.
“The organization is unable to make further comments on the province’s announcement until more information becomes available,” says OPVG Chair Dave Hope, who was appointed to his position by the province in January. “Our board remains committed to representing the views of our grower members and helping them understand how these changes have the potential to affect their farm businesses.”
Ontario’s processing vegetable growers are proud to produce safe, high quality food at a competitive price and are supportive of a collaborative, consultative process to help ensure the viability and competitiveness of their sector.
The OPVG is a marketing board regulated under the Farm Products Marketing Act and represents nearly 400 Ontario processing vegetable growers producing crops such as tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, carrots, cucumbers, green, wax and lima beans, green peas, squash and pumpkin. Farm gate sales for our processing vegetable crops in in 2018 was just under $100 million. OPVG members are family-owned and operated businesses, growing vegetables for Ontario food processors and a US-based greenshipper.
Source : OPVG