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Progressive Planet hires Volt Strategic Partners for market communications and capital advisory services

VANCOUVER, BC - Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. ("PLAN" or "Progressive Planet"), an emerging technology company providing innovative circular solutions and earth-friendly micronized minerals that naturally unlock sustainability benefits across the construction and agriculture industries, is pleased to announce that it has engaged  Volt Strategic Partners Ltd. ("Volt Strategic") as its capital markets and communications advisor. 

Volt Strategic is a market communications and capital advisory firm working with senior business leaders and innovators to help grow organizational value, build business, and accelerate market appreciation for emerging technology, sustainability, and life sciences public companies.

"While many companies are shoring up their operational efficiencies to help reduce their carbon footprint, decarbonizing the cement industry requires transformative thinking and real technological innovation to take hold," said Progressive Planet CEO Steve Harpur. "We've entered a new era where investors, governments and the general public all see strength in sustainability as a competitive advantage. PLAN has an exceptional story to tell, and Volt's capital markets experience and demonstrated ability to help companies differentiate, build profile and grow organizational value will help PLAN move forward in the months ahead."

Under the terms of the October 18, 2021, agreement with Volt Strategic, Progressive Planet will pay Volt Strategic an aggregate amount of $54,000 over a term of six months for services and has granted 250,000 stock options of the Company, exercisable for a period of 18 months at market price of $0.385 per share. The agreement between PLAN and Volt Strategic may be extended with the prior written consent of the parties or terminated at any time. These options will vest 25% per quarter for the first year with the first 25% vesting immediately. The stock options and the agreement are both subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval.

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