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Promoting Alberta’s energy in Japan

This year’s Summit and Exhibition runs from June 3-5 and will serve as a showcase for innovative ideas and technologies to foster cross-border collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region, energy security and the transition to decarbonised energy ecosystems. The 2024 event will focus on Japan’s current and future energy mix from natural gas to hydrogen, ammonia and renewables.

“Alberta has the potential to become a leading global supplier of responsibly produced energy, including natural gas, hydrogen and ammonia that are in high demand in Japan for industrial and manufacturing uses. In Japan, I will be building relationships and making connections with the leaders and innovators of one of our largest trade partners, which will lead to jobs for Alberta’s energy workers and incredible investment opportunities for our businesses.”

Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals
One topic of importance will be the Hydrogen Society Promotion Bill recently announced by the Japanese parliament, National Diet of Japan, which will allow Japan to provide 15-year subsidies for locally produced and imported low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia to reduce their reliance on higher-carbon energy sources. Alberta is working directly with Japanese companies interested in sourcing ammonia from Alberta for use in electricity generation as part of their efforts to move Japan’s power grid away from coal. Transporting hydrogen in the form of ammonia is a way Alberta can meet export demand and improve cost competitiveness in the hydrogen market.

Minister Jean will travel with two staff. Trip expenses will be posted on the travel and expense disclosure page.

The Alberta government is committed to working with its national and international partners to advance shared interests that can lead to new opportunities for people and businesses in Alberta and around the world.

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