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Proposal to amend the Health of Animals ID and Traceability Regs

Livestock traceability in Canada consists of three pillars: identification of animals; animal movement reporting; and premises identification. Industry and government have been working on a proposal to strengthen the traceability system in Canada.

This proposal was published in the Canadian Gazette on March 18, 2023 with a 90 day comment period ending June 16, 2023.

At a high level, the proposal includes adding species into the national traceability system, specifically goats and cervids. The intention is to have traceability information on all species that share diseases.

Another gap identified was tracking movement of livestock and the time-period required to report movement to be in line with traceability practices currently in place for movement of hogs.

Other proposed changes include modernization and useability for efficiency and effectiveness for the countless users and stakeholders.

These amendments are expected to strengthen Canada's ability to respond quickly to animal health threats and other emergencies and be a net economic benefit.

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Source : Small Farm Canada

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