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Pulse and Special Crops Industry Partners with AAFC to Achieve Aggressive Growth Targets

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and
Agri-Food, announced a $5,824,897 contribution to Pulse Canada and the Canadian Special Crops
Association through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership’s AgriMarketing Program (AMP). This funding
will support the Canadian pulse and special crop industry’s aggressive strategy to develop and diversify its
market base, to address barriers to growth and to hit bold targets set by its Board of Directors.
Pulse Canada has developed a “25 by 2025” strategy which aims to move 25% of Canadian pulse production,
or 2 million tonnes of pulses, into new markets and use categories by the year 2025. The strategy is focused
on developing inroads into the food and pet food manufacturing, processing and foodservice industries in
markets with the greatest volume potential for pulse ingredients. “Finding new opportunities for Canadian
pulses is critical given the uncertainty we face in markets we’ve relied on for decades. The growing demand
for plant protein and interest in sustainability in markets like the US and Europe presents exciting new
opportunities for Canadian pulses” says Allison Ammeter, Chair of the Pulse Canada Board of Directors.
In addition to supporting the industry’s market diversification strategy, AMP funding also will support the
industry’s efforts to remove barriers to trade. “Market disruptions in key export markets like India
underscore the impact that loss of access in even one market can have on the profitability of growers and the
trade,” says Quinton Stewart, President of the CSCA. “Our partnership with AAFC will allow us to proactively
address issues before they become barriers and to respond to emerging challenges so we can restore access
as quickly as possible” says Stewart.
Support through AMP also will enable the industry’s strategy to enhance its brand as a consistent and reliable
supplier. The AMP funding will support the ongoing efforts of the CSCA and its partners in the Ag Transport
Coalition to measure the performance of the transportation system. “The partnership between the growers
and the trade from the pulse and special crop, canola and wheat industries has allowed us to create a system
that monitors the capacity and service provided to the sector on a daily basis,” says Gordon Bacon, CEO of
Pulse Canada and the CSCA. “With detailed evidence of system performance, we can focus on the changes
needed to bring about measureable improvements in getting product to market” says Bacon.
In addition to the partnerships formed within the Ag Transport Coalition, the CSCA also works with the
Canadian Mustard Association, the National Sunflower Association of Canada and the Canaryseed
Development Commission of Saskatchewan to facilitate a suite of special crops applications to AMP. Today’s
announcement also includes funding for each industry to take on activities that’ll help overcome challenges,
take advantage of new opportunities and ultimately, strengthen Canada’s position as a premier supplier of
special crops to the world.
Source : Pulse Canada