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Pulse Crops From Saskatchewan Gaining Popularity In Developing Nations

After several slow years for demand, Saskatchewan's pulse crops — lentils, beans and dried peas — is gaining steam in popularity. 
Sales have increased for the crops steadily this year, as exports have begun to include a greater number of international buyers. That means brisk business for farmers and agricultural businesses in this province. 
"Markets in Asia, particularly in the Indian subcontinent; these are stable protein consumption items," said Murad Al-Katiba, the CEO of AGT Food and Ingredients, Inc. 
"We're seeing some reduced production in other areas of the world, which is really leaving Canada to be the driver of this sector in the world."
Crop output from Saskatchewan dominates in world markets
The export of lentils from Saskatchewan accounts for 65 per cent of the world's total output and Al-Katib said acreage for these crops could grow throughout western Canada. He also predicts a record export in 2015-2016.
The demand is not just from countries around the world however. Al-Katib says pulse crops have been in vogue in North American markets as well, which he terms "The Hummus Effect".
"They are ones we used to grow but didn't eat," said Al-Katib. 
"Now, you can't go to a restaurant and not find something related to lentils, chickpeas and beans on the menu. That's definitely one more stage of demand."
Early seeding and wet conditions from last year could mean an early harvest this year. 
Source : CBC

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