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Pulse Industry Champion Recognized as Pulse Promoter

Eric Johnson, retired weed scientist and agronomist, has been recognized for the contributions he has made to the pulse industry, as the recipient of the Pulse Promoter Award by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG).

Johnson’s career began in 1982 as an Extension Agrologist and Soils and Crop Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, where he assisted producers in transitioning to zero-tillage and rotational pulse crops.

He moved to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Research Farm at Scott, where he screened potential herbicides for pulse crops, which led to 130 minor use registrations across a variety of crops. Additionally, he led research on non-chemical weed management in pulses, including mechanical weed control.

Transitioning to the University of Saskatchewan, Johnson joined the Department of Plant Science where he assisted in conducting field research for SPG-funded weed control projects led by Dr. Willenborg and joined Dr. Shirtliffe’s Agronomic Crop Imaging Lab where he led projects evaluating trifludomoxazin for weed control, as well as integrated management of broadleaf weeds in pulses.

Retired in March of 2023, Johnson leaves a legacy of 140 co-authored publications, years of mentoring younger agronomists, and a reputation for exemplary collaboration among researchers and scientists.

“I am happy to accept this award, thank you for this honour,” says Johnson. “I have enjoyed a robust career in weed science and pulse crop agronomy and am thankful to everyone I collaborated with over the years. I am curious to see how weed control evolves in the future for this industry. The development of new chemistries for pulse crops is desirable but challenging, and future developments in precision application and alternative integrated strategies may be partial solutions.”

“SPG congratulates Eric Johnson on being named pulse promoter,” says Trent Richards, Chair with SPG. “We are pleased to recognize Eric’s contributions to and achievements in the pulse industry in Saskatchewan. His legacy has left a significant impact on agronomists and pulse growers, who have benefited from his research and project outcomes.”

The Pulse Promoter Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Saskatchewan’s pulse industry in the areas of production, marketing, promotion, research, extension, processing, management, and innovation.

Accountable to and funded by growers, SPG’s strategic direction is guided by a nine-member, grower-elected, Board of Directors. SPG’s mission is to provide leadership for profitable growth for Saskatchewan pulses.

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