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Pursue your dream of a career in animal agriculture with the Feed Greatness Scholarship

Attention, young animal enthusiasts! Purina Animal Nutrition and the Land O’Lakes Foundation have something special for you: the Feed Greatness Scholarship. Designed just for passionate folks like you, it’s here to make your agricultural journey smoother. 

Let's get into the fun details. If you're an undergrad and you've been around the block caring for livestock – whether they're tiny or massive, or maybe horses or poultry – you're in the running. There are four scholarships, and each is worth a cool $5,000! 

Of course, they want the best of the best. That means you've got to show them the role animal agriculture plays in your life. Got good grades? Active in your community? Got leadership qualities? Perfect! They'll also want a sneak peek into your future plans. 

Set a reminder for August 28 because that's when applications kick off, and you have till October 12 to get yours in. If luck's on your side, you'll get the funds for your Spring 2024 semester. And don't fret about your school type – whether it’s a two-year, four-year, or a vocational school, as long as it's recognized, you're eligible. 

All the info and application details for the Feed Greatness Scholarship are right here:

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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