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Saskatchewan Announces Additional Investment For Irrigation Development

The Province of Saskatchewan recently announced an additional investment of $5 Million for irrigation development.

Agriculture Minister David Marit says the funding will provide more support to develop irrigation infrastructure, with producers now being able to access up to $500,000 per application from the previous level of $300,000.

"We've seen increases in irrigation acres over the last few years. Since the start of the CAP program in 2018 -  2020, we've seen an increase of close to 10,000 acres. So obviously  it has a huge interest by the farming and ranching community out there. So we thought this is an opportunity to help grow that."

He says the new funding for the Irrigation Development Program will support projects that are ready for construction to be completed in the next two years that are located outside of the irrigation district.

"So, this really gives an opportunity for farmers and ranchers if they have the water source close by or whatever the case may b, this gives them an opportunity also to grow their business. So this is outside the irrigation program. This is a stand alone for opportunities for farmers and ranchers outside that area to grow their irrigation as well."

Application forms and funding is available through the Saskatchewan's Irrigation Development Program.

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