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Saskatchewan Investing In Ag Tech Sector

On Wednesday, the Province announced the creation of a $1 million AgTech Growth Fund to encourage the development of agricultural technology.
Innovation Saskatchewan Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor says they realized the need for the fund when they saw AgTech applications in the Saskatchewan Advantage for Innovation Fund go from zero to 31% in a two-year period. 
She says the new AgTech Growth Fund will help people with really innovative ideas get them off the ground.
"We have found that in the past we have farmers that have been anxious to test out some of those ideas, and get help for those innovators and get them ready for commercialization."
She notes we have a thriving agriculture sector and a growing tech sector. 
"Both of those areas have really been amplified by the COVID pandemic.  It's been really important, everybody I think has had the experience of using increased technology throughout the pandemic. It's also been really critically important to make sure the food supply chain is intact and so that has actually amplified this opportunity even more."
Agriculture Minister David Marit says Saskatchewan is already an agriculture research hub and investing in farm equipment technology will add to our investments in crop breeding and production.
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