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SaskPower Helping Manitoba Recover After Brutal Snowstorm

A debilitating winter storm recently crashed into Manitoba, but thanks to some help from their westerly neighbours, they hope to be back to normal soon.
On Sunday, SaskPower sent equipment, materials, and employees into Manitoba to help them in repairs to their power grid, which now sits in disrepair.
SaskPower responded to the needs of the province as part of its commitment to a mutual assistance agreement.
Joel Cherry, a spokesperson from SaskPower, said that for Swift Current, the emergency response shouldn't have any adverse effects.
"I don't believe we've deployed anybody from the Swift Current area. Even if we had, we're going to manage our outage responses in the most expedient way possible. We don't expect this to have a major impact [in our response] to major outages."
No SaskPower employees from all of southwest Saskatchewan were called out to Manitoba for assistance.
Major outages, just like Manitoba is going through right now.
"This is an unprecedented event for Manitoba," Cherry said. "In the normal course of business, you wouldn't expect something like this to occur, so when it does, that's one of the reasons that these mutual assistance agreements exist, so you can call on your neighbours to provide help."
Twenty-four SaskPower employees were sent to assist Manitoba Hydro in their repairs.
SaskPower has several hundred power line technicians still in the province.
Cherry said that the mutual assistance program was far-reaching.
"It's cooperation across North America too, in some cases, they'll call to nearby American states as well."
"When something really devastating occurs, you need all the help you can get."
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