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SCIC deadline for seeding and insuring greenfield cereal crops July 15

Re: Dry Conditions
As we are all aware, current dry conditions with minimal ground moisture are impacting pastures and forage crops. As a result, there is a lot of worry about feed and pasture supplies for livestock. The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) understands the challenges facing our customers and wishes to make them aware of the options available if they wish to look at alternate uses of their forage crops.
Through the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Program, the deadline for seeding crops for greenfeed has been extended from June 30 to July 15. Producers who have Crop Insurance will now be able to seed and insure any cereal greenfeed crop. This includes customer who have not previously endorsed greenfeed on their contract of insurance. Crop Insurance customers have until July 15 to select this endorsement and seed their greenfeed crop. If a Crop Insurance customer wants to use their annual crop acres for livestock grazing or for feed, they can contact their local Crop Insurance office. 
SCIC recognizes the most pressing concern at this time for livestock producers lack of hay growth and poor pastures. Crop Insurance customers also have coverage should their annual crops suffer from the dry conditions. At this point in the growing season, the Crop Insurance Program provides compensation through two different avenues, pre-harvest and post-harvest claims. The producer can register a pre-harvest claim if they do not want to carry the crop through to harvest. If the producer takes their crop to harvest, but it has a reduced yield, they can file a post-harvest claim. It is the producer’s decision as to how to manage their crop. Producers concerned about the dry conditions should contact their local Crop Insurance office to review the options available for claims, compensation and the requirements for the options they choose.
SCIC is supporting producers through expedited processes. An adjuster will visit and set-up exclosures, or the producer will be instructed to leave a checkstrip, to conduct future appraisal. Bale feeders or a small fenced area can also be used for each exclosure. If a customer wants to use their annual crop acres for grazing or for livestock feed, they should also contact SCIC. 
The AgriStability Program also offers an option for producers to help manage the impact of current market disruptions and production challenges due to dry conditions. A reminder to all producers there is still time to enrol in AgriStability for the 2019 Program Year, as the enrolment deadline has been extended to July 2, 2019. Coverage is personalized for each farm and enrolling is easy. All necessary information can be provided over-the-phone through a five-minute conversation.
The Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) gives producers the opportunity to purchase insurance based on a forward market price for their cattle. As dry conditions persist, SCIC wants to reassure WLPIP policy holders they are supported when making marketing decisions. For those that purchased price insurance this spring, the 60 day continuous criteria will be waived for the 2019 grazing season. SCIC will work with each individual policy holder to ensure any challenges are managed this season.
SCIC staff is available to walk producers through their options and discuss claims, compensation and requirements. I want all customers to be assured the Corporation is working hard to ensure timely responses to their claims and inquiries. If producers have further questions, please call 1-888-935-0000 or visit Please leave a message if you are calling after hours.
I also want to take this opportunity to highlight there are additional resources available through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.I would encourage you and your membership to contact your local Regional Office, the Agriculture Knowledge Centre general inquiry line at 1-866-457-2377 or email
I hope I have provided some answers to the many questions’ producers may have. Please feel free to share this with your members and if there are any questions, please let me know or reach out to your local SCIC customer service office. 
Additionally, for questions about the options available to producers, please call 1-888-935-0000.
Shawn Jaques
President and CEO
Source : Sask Wheat

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