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Self-Care Should Be A Priority

A Celebrating Rural Ranching Women’s Event got underway last night in Moose Jaw.
Farmer and motivational speaker Cynthia Beck says life on the farm and ranch can be hectic and that’s why it’s so important to take time for your own well-being.
“A lot of times we don’t realize that our well-being or mental health has the ability to affect our physical health and our decision-making processes.”
It also has the ability to affect how we run our business and can also affect our relationships.
She says I think that it’s really easy to put everything else in front of us.
“As a Mom, as a farmer, even as a student now; I’m fitting things in before putting myself as a priority. What happens then is that we sort of get burnt out, we become the tractor that has run out of fuel.”
Today’s presentation includes a cattle market update, information on polycrops, water quality, alternative feeding strategies and ensuring the best outcome for newborn calves.
Cynthia Beck and her husband have a mixed farming operation near Regina where they raise their family.
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