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Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman MP Reflects on Federal Election

Selkirk-Interlake Eastman MP James Bezan was re-elected after winning in his riding by a vast majority.
He shares his thoughts about the outcome.
"I am very humbled by the support that I received here in the riding," says Bezan. "There was great voter turnout across Manitoba and Western Canada. I think Western Canadians sent a very strong message to Ottawa that they're not happy with the leadership of Justin Trudeau."
He explains they're not happy with the policies he implemented, and the manner in which he ignored the workers in the energy sector, as well as agriculture producers. Bezan says Westerners also don't like the manner in which Trudeau's policies don't connect with Western Canada in so many ways.
Bezan spoke about how well he thinks parties will be able to work together in this minority government situation.
"This is going to be my fourth minority government since I was first elected," says Bezan. "For those out there that are very disappointed with the results, even though Andrew Scheer and the Conservative team had the highest popular vote across the country, we didn't get enough seats, I'd say that this will be relatively short-lived because most minority governments only last 18 months to two years."
Bean explains if Trudeau doesn't have a formal coalition to prop him up, the government may not even last 18 months.
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