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Soilgenic Announces 2nd Gen EEF Technologies

Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Soilgenic Technologies, LLC is proud to announce the development of the next generation Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer technologies (EEF) for Urea, UAN, Anhydrous Ammonia, and Ammonia based fertilizers (Ammonium Sulfate, MAP / DAP Phosphates and for Manure management). “In the fertilizer industry, there is pressure to reduce emissions and runoff, and costs have also gone.

up quickly, so interest is very high in getting more applied fertilizer into the plant for higher protein and crop yield, and less into the air and water. That is what the next generation Soilgenic products deliver, and at a price point to hit mass market adoption, and not just a high value niche”. - Jeff Ivan - President & CEO, Soilgenic Technologies.

Soilgenic R&D Team has established and patented improved formulations that bring forward the highest active ingredient formulations in the industry to improve applications onto fertilizers allowing room for other technologies during the retail coating process. The formulations are also designed for application for extreme cold and high humidity environments. Other Nitrogen Specific Fertilizer improvements include the following:

Enhanced Visio-N EFF Technology for UREA is high active ingredient formulations for protection of nitrogen on the surface, in the soil, and total balanced nitrogen protection. The soil and Total protection formulations utilize our patented enhanced DCD technology that significantly improves below ground loss of Nitrogen from leaching and Denitrification.NitroBlock™ Enhanced DCD will set a new standard for below-ground performance.

Diamond-N EEF Technology for UAN has a unique patented design with a coating technology that ensures the highest level of active ingredients in the agricultural market which readily dissolves in UAN resulting in a solution not a suspension. The ability of Diamond-N to dissolve into a solution allows for the addition at the retail level. The grower doesn’t have to worry about the settling out of active ingredients that result from a suspension. Diamond-N provides an effective, low-cost solution for protecting UAN.

Knifed-N EEF Technology for Anhydrous Ammonia is a unique patented formulation that provides the industry with the first Non-Corrosive EEF technology for Anhydrous ammonia. This provides a significant benefit over other technologies improving user safety and improving equipment life span due to the formulation enhancement and non-presence of water in the formulation. With the NitroBlock™ Enhanced DCD formulation built-in; Soilgenic has improved the overall performance for stabilizing Anhydrous ammonia. Knifed-N EEF Technology also represents a significant cost savings by reducing the input cost by 50% over other Anhydrous Ammonia technologies.

Drive-N EEF Technology for urea-based fertilizers completes our retail line of technologies. Our patented formulation improves the coverage and penetration into hard granules for products such as ammonium sulfate, MAP / DAP Phosphate fertilizers and for manure management keeping the ammonia stable for application. The enhanced formulation with NitroBlock™ Enhanced DCD and a lower cost improves the performance and cost.

Soilgenic is focused on bringing forward innovative technologies to:

  •  Increase fertilizer use efficiency,
  •  Reduce fertilizer GHG and environmental impact,
  •  Improve overall fertilizer performance and,
  •  Reducing cost allows for mass adoption by the industry with a more cost-effective solution to
  •  improve Fertilizer Use Efficiency.

"Soilgenic is currently establishing distribution partners for North American and global markets. We are at a critical point in time with environmental challenges further impacted by supply chain disruptions and the Russian war in Ukraine reducing fertilizer availability worldwide. The UN has established that up to 46% of all nitrogen is lost to the environment contributing to GHG emissions and environmental loss to our rivers and waterways. N20 emissions are 300X more potent than C02 emissions and our NitroBlock™ Enhanced DCD improves the below ground protection by blocking the nitrification process with a 10X improvement over regular DCD formulations. By improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency and nutrient use efficiency, farmers can reduce nitrogen loss considerably and extend the use of their fertilizers to help improve the economics of fertilizer use and ROI.

We are very excited to launch the 2nd Generation Soilgenic Enhanced Efficiency Technologies to the market. Higher efficiency and lower costs will drive improvements in environmental impact and increase grower adoption due to lower cost and to improving fertilizer performance.” - Jeff Ivan - President & CEO, Soilgenic Technologies.

Source : soilgenic

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