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Soybean Response To Herbicides With Metribuzin

Obtaining adequate weed control in crop production has become a top priority for agricultural field crop producers within Craven County.   Many of the effective post-emergence products that will control resistant Palmer amaranth  (resistant to glyphosate and ALS inhibitor products) are classified as PPO-inhibitors.  To protect this class of herbicides, growers seek alternative modes of action.   Herbicides with the active ingredient commonly known at metribuzin offers such a choice.  Metrizubin is a PSII inhibitor with residual activity on Palmer amaranth.  It can be used alone or mixed with other products to provide a viable option to control palmer amaranth as well as many other weeds.  However, this product cannot be used with all soybean varieties.  NCSU has conducted test of soybean varieties to determine which varieties are tolerant of this herbicide and those susceptible to damage.

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