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Specialty crop biologicals under the Stratovation spotlight

Have you heard of the Stratovation Group? Fresh from their impactful research, they're diving into a new arena: specialty crops. They're curious about what growers of vegetables, greens, and fruits think of agricultural biologicals. 

This isn't a solo mission. Big names like Western Growers and the Agricultural Retailers Association are on board. Together, they'll conduct a study titled "Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential." It's all about getting the real scoop from farmers. 

Cam Camfield, the powerhouse at Stratovation, is thrilled. He believes that joining forces with these ag giants will bring in top-notch data. And quality data is always a win! 

Western Growers have their eyes on biologicals. They see it as the future. The Fertilizer Institute's Corey Rosenbusch echoes this sentiment. Grabbing insights straight from growers? It's pure gold. 

And guess who else is excited? Dr. Pam Marrone, the queen of agricultural biology. With her on board, there's no stopping this research train. 

Daren Coppock of ARA hits the nail on the head. Biologicals are the talk of the town in farming. They're not just fancy alternatives but are setting new standards in crop health and environmental care. 

At the heart of this study is one goal: listening to specialty crop growers. Camfield wants their voices front and center. It’s about understanding, evolving, and innovating together. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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