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Statement by Minister Rod Phillips on Saskatchewan's Challenge to the Federal Carbon Tax

Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, issued the following statement about Saskatchewan's reference case against the federal government's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act:
"Last year, we joined forces with the Saskatchewan government to support and intervene in the reference case launched in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. The people of Ontario and Saskatchewan should not pay more for gas and home heating fuel while the federal government collects revenue. Ontario's position remains that the federal carbon tax is an unconstitutional, disguised tax.
"We are not alone in the fight against the federal government's unconstitutional tax. The province of Saskatchewan has intervened in Ontario's court challenge and the province of New Brunswick has intervened in both Saskatchewan and Ontario's challenges. Both provinces share our position that the federal law is unconstitutional.
"We cannot stand by and watch the carbon tax make life more unaffordable for families, seniors and put jobs and businesses at risk. Ontario's government will work for the people to use all tools at our disposal to fight the federal carbon tax, whether it's in Saskatchewan, Ontario, or the Supreme Court of Canada.
"Last November, our government released a made-in-Ontario environment plan that will protect our air, land and water, address litter and reduce waste, do our share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help communities prepare for climate change. Most importantly, we will do this without imposing a regressive, job-killing carbon tax on the people of our province.
"Our proposed plan reflects our continued commitment to addressing Ontario's environmental challenges, including climate change, in a way that considers our province's specific priorities, region-based challenges and opportunities, and respect for our hardworking taxpayers.
"Ontario's court challenge will be heard in April and the province will continue to fight for Ontarians to have a healthy economy and a healthy environment in a way that supports business and creates jobs for everyone."  
The Saskatchewan case will be heard on Feb 13th and 14th in Regina. Ontario's counsel will be making oral arguments in support of it and Saskatchewan's position that the federal law is unconstitutional.
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