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Summer Tips To Ready Your Combine For Fall

From CaseIH Blog

We haven’t even lit Independence Day’s first firecracker. So, it’s understandable if putting your combine through its paces isn’t high on your to-do list. But between caring for your crops and preparing for the county fair, and between putting up hay and attending your kids’ ballgames, harvest time can sneak up on us.

The success of next year’s crop starts with an efficient, timely harvest. You know you’ll likely lose a few days to weather. Any additional time you lose to breakdowns or other equipment issues only eats into the hours available to fertilize and complete the fall tillage that’s so critical to preparing an ideal seedbed for your 2018 crop. Here are several recommendations to help ensure your combine rolls through harvest with minimal interruption:

Take in a combine clinic. Many Case IH dealers offer these clinics to help you get the most from your Axial-Flow® combine. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Conduct an inspection. Use one of our handy checklists to guide you through the inspection process or schedule an inspection with the specialists at your Case IH dealer.
  • Discover ways to reduce downtime and address harvest-related combine issues
  • Spend time with Case IH experts and have your questions answered
  • Get tips and how-to advice for a more productive harvest
  • Learn how to set your combine and headers for peak performance
  • Get comfortable with the Case IH Partstore and MyShed™ mobile app. You’ll be more efficient accessing the parts and supplies you need so you’re back in the field before you know it.
  • Use genuine Case IH parts or Case IH remanufactured parts. Only Case IH parts meet our stringent performance specs and provide the reliability the harvest season demands.
  • Consider upgrading your equipment by adding stalk stompers or a Mud Hog® rear-wheel assist axle. These and other accessories, such as LED lighting packages, help reduce expenses and increase harvest efficiency.
  • Stick with concaves from Case IH. Concaves are such a crucial wear part. Our concaves offer superior fit and durability for higher grain quality.
  • Stock up on maintenance supplies. Now is the perfect time to inventory fluids, filters and other items you know you’ll need. Visit the Case IH Partstore.
  • Partner with your Case IH dealer. From outstanding service to quick parts access to cost management, a partnership with your Case IH dealer can bring great value to your operation.
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