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Swine Health Information Center Updated Diagnostic Assay Catalog Released

The Swine Health Information Center has released its updated Diagnostic Assay Catalog. Developed for swine diagnosticians, the Swine Health Information Center Diagnostic Assay Catalog contains information on diagnostic tests developed to support the early identification and epidemiological investigation of possible emerging disease pathogens and how to access these tests.

SHIC Executive Director Dr. Paul Sundberg explains the catalog provides pertinent information about the tests and summarizes research behind them including technical background information.

Clip-Dr. Paul Sundberg-Swine Health Information Center:

The center has done a lot of research, a lot of support for different research to make sure that we have diagnostic tools available for things that wouldn't otherwise be available and the catalog is a compilation of those tools.

It gives the diagnosticians in the different veterinary diagnostic labs a one stop resource for the different tools that are available, whether they be ELISAs to detect antibodies or PCRs to detect antigens, it gives a catalog of who they can contact for a specific test if they suspect something new, something different and also some details about the specificity of those tests themselves.

It gives details about the test itself as well as contacts for people to be able to access those. What we've done is we've focussed on who has the diagnostic test and make sure that the other diagnostic labs know that they can go to that as a resource for that diagnostic test if they suspect that they have something that they want to look farther and deeper into.

Source : Farmscape

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