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Taking Drone Technology to New Heights with Sky Ag Tech and XAG


Introducing the XAG V40, a revolutionary mapping-then-application agriculture drone.

This is the first tilting twin-rotor structure ag-drone in the world that provides unique mapping-then-application solution for precision farming in small or mid-size farms, and other various scenarios.

The XAG's unique centrifugal spraying system chooses specific droplet size for applications.

With this tech, XAG's ag drones are able to generate droplets evenly, every droplet size is the same in spraying. And the adjustable droplets size ranging 60 - 400μm. And with 5-10m effective spray width, V40 can cover 20 acres per hour (Spray rate: 12 L/acre).

Since the spray rate of aerial application is about 20% of ground application, with precision application techs, V40 can save extra 30%-50% chemical use and input cost, that means we only need 10%-15% spray rate vs ground applications. That's great help to both cost saving and go green!

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