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The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture announces Secretary Blayne Arthur as Vice President

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture is pleased to announce the election of Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Secretary Blayne Arthur as Vice President of the organization by the NASDA Board of Directors. As Vice President, Secretary Arthur will help direct the organization to meet its mission of enhancing American food and agricultural communities through policy, partnerships and public engagement.
“I am honored to be chosen to serve as NASDA’s Vice President, and I thank the NASDA Board of Directors for considering me for this position. I welcome the opportunity to partner with state departments of Agriculture from across the United States to strengthen and promote our nation’s most vital industry. NASDA ardently works to ensure agriculture and food businesses of all sizes thrive, and I am grateful to help carry out this commitment,” NASDA Vice President and Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur said.
NASDA President, Director Doug Miyamoto, and NASDA CEO Ted McKinney shared their excitement to welcome Secretary Arthur’s leadership.
“I am thankful for Secretary Arthur’s enthusiasm and passion for ensuring state agriculture departments’ voices are heard when solving challenges and seizing opportunities for agriculture across the nation and the world. Secretary Arthur has proven to be one of the finest leaders in American agriculture today. The NASDA Board of Directors is excited to welcome her leadership and perspective,” NASDA President and Wyoming Director of Agriculture Doug Miyamoto said. 
“Secretary Arthur’s experience and leadership will be incredibly valuable as we continue our work to ensure federal policy represents the needs of U.S. farmers, ranchers and all the communities they serve. We thank Secretary Arthur for her continued dedication to NASDA and commitment to seeing agriculture lead the way toward a healthy and resilient world,” NASDA CEO Ted McKinney said.

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