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The NDP Candidate For Portage-Lisgar

Meet the NDP candidate for the Portage-Lisgar region, Cindy Friesen.
Friesen is from Winnipeg but feels very strongly about the importance of agriculture which is why she is running in this region. She talks about why the agriculture industry means so much to her.
"I think agriculture is a very important part of our day-to-day life," says Friesen. "It's a staple of what we survive on. We want to eat local and support local food but better yet, we want young people to get involved. We want them to see that it is a great job and that it does matter."
Friesen gives some more details on why she chose to run in Portage-Lisgar.
"I ran in the Midlands area [in the Manitoba election] which is still part of this area," says Friesen. "Also my husband's family has an agricultural background and we predominantly have family in the Southern Manitoba region."
She also talks about one of her other main concerns heading into the election.
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