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The soybean puzzle - Illinois to decode 400 genomes

Have you considered soybeans as holding hidden information? The University of Illinois and JGI think so. They aim to study 400 soybean genomes. 

This isn’t just an academic adventure. They’re reaching out to the wild soybeans, and even those that grow in tricky conditions. “We’re setting a new bar,” says Professor Matt Hudson, the project lead. “By understanding every variation in these beans, we’re paving the way for better, tougher soybeans!” 

But here’s a twist. Even with past genome sequences, our reference was a bit... incomplete. As Professor Hudson explains, “It’s like having a world map, but with only a few countries on it.” To get the complete picture, the solution is clear: delve deeper and sequence more beans. 

This massive data treasure will be tackled by the experts at AIFARMS. They aim to refine our soybean knowledge and steer us towards creating more resilient crops. Plus, they're not going solo. The team is joining hands with global soybean gurus to cherry-pick the best lines for their study. 

In Hudson’s words, “This is more than just a project. It's a vision. By digging deep into the soybean's genes, we're gearing up for a global transformation. Here’s to healthier, sturdier soybeans for all!” 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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