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The Trickle-down Impact of Brown Bag Seed Sales

Brown bag seed sales affect all levels of the plant breeding and development chain.

An illegal so called “brown bag” seed sale may not seem like a big deal. You get a deal on seed you need and can grow your crop. However, these sales have wide ranging impacts besides causing you to spend a bit more on seed.

Brown bag seed sales “cause a loss of revenue for the plant breeder and the seed company, (it) goes all the way down the chain. And it’s a lost sale for the authorized seed grower. The loss of revenue hinders the development and the distribution and production of new seed varieties, which are essential for growers to have access to. (Access is needed to) the best varieties they can buy with yield disease resistance and continuous improvement,” Jodee Karlowsky, general manager of Alliance Seed, said during the Sept. 20 episode of Seed Speaks.

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