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Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. Announces New Technical Support Specialist

Key appointment enhances Topigs Norsvin Technical Support Team

Winnipeg - Topigs Norsvin Canada announced today that Rey Garcia has joined its staff as Technical Support Specialist, based out of Oak Bluff Manitoba. In his new role, Rey will be focused on providing Technical and Production Support in Manitoba.

Rey has gained considerable experience over the last 10 years managing breeding barns in the USA and Canada. "He will be a valuable asset to the Topigs Norsvin Canada team and is eager to meet customers and engage with the production teams," said Marcos Amorim, Key Account Technical Manager.

In addition to pork production experience, and prior to moving to the USA, Rey worked in a veterinarian practice in his home country of Mexico.

“It is very exciting to become part of the Topigs Norsvin Canada team. In my career I have worked with many genetics and am glad to become part of this great team. I am looking forward to growing my career with Topigs Norsvin. In addition to my work, spending time with family and friends is on the forefront for me. In my spare time I enjoy work on small projects, reading, and playing soccer", said Rey. 

Rey can be reached at (431) 730-2035 or

Topigs Norsvin Canada is a leading swine genetics supplier in North America. Topigs Norsvin produces and develops sound, profitable pig genetic programs, and breeding systems for commercial hog production and is one of the largest genetics companies in the world with business activities in more than 55 countries. 

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