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TRICOR® LQ Herbicide Receives Canadian Registration

New liquid formulation gives growers proven chemistries in a convenient package.
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – UPL AgroSolutions Canada Inc. is excited to launch Tricor® LQ, a new liquid formulation of Tricor, to the Canadian market after receiving registration from the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
With the legacy of Tricor DF, a Group 5 herbicide, introduction of the new liquid formulation option gives growers extended application method and timing flexibility. Tricor is a proven herbicide for the control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in soybeans, potatoes, cereals and many other crops.
Tricor main active ingredient is metribuzin, which many weed scientists and consultants recommend as a foundation ingredient for an effective herbicide resistance management program.
“This new LQ formulation of Tricor provides a great option for growers and custom applicators who prefer to use liquids in their weed management programs,” says Chris Nowlan, Marketing Portfolio Manager, UPL AgroSolutions Canada. 
For growers who are looking to increase yield potential due to early season weed pressure, Tricor LQ is a great new tool to use as part of a weed control program. In the production of soybeans, potatoes and tomatoes, Tricor increases the control of velvetleaf and several pigweed and lamb's quarter species.
Adding Tricor to an early season soybean program has been a key management tool for control of glyphosate-tolerant fleabane, which continues to spread across Eastern Canada. Tricor LQ will also help control weeds with an economic impact on yields, such as ragweed, kochia, foxtail grasses, johnsongrass, browntop millet and jimsonweed.
“UPL continues to grow its product offerings and choices for Canadian growers,” Nowlan adds. “The introduction of Tricor LQ is another step to fulfill our commitment to provide unique, high-value crop protection solutions.”
Tricor LQ is a concentrated liquid formulation that mixes well in a wide range of conditions. Once it is dispersed into the spray tank, Tricor LQ remains in suspension with minimal agitation. With its propriety formulation, Tricor LQ will minimize the risk of residue in a spray solution, resulting in fewer clogged nozzles and less down time.
Tricor LQ is labelled for a wide range of crops, including alfalfa, sainfoin, asparagus, carrots, cereals, field corn, garbanzo beans, lentils and peas, potatoes, soybeans, sugarcane and tomatoes.
To learn more about Tricor LQ Herbicide, talk to your local UPL representative. Always read and follow label directions.
Source : UPL

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