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Two Canadian Companies Join Forces for Producers' Needs

Jyga Technologies Meets Producers’ Needs
The Leader of Swine Feeding Systems Gives Access to its Data
Quebec --- Jyga Technologies announces that its swine feeding systems are compatible with Phason’s AutoFlex Connect (climate management system) by distributing its data in a cloud accessible format and is proud to collaborate with Phason on this venture. 
For producers
Alain Lefebvre, CEO of Jyga Technologies, «As a pork producer myself, I think that our collaboration with Phason will give the opportunity to producers to choose the best equipment in every speciality, whether it is for a climate management system, a feeding system or a production management software, ect. ». Mr. Lefebvre also mentioned that «giving access to its data to other companies is a natural thing for him since, as a producer, he would prefer to choose the best for his animals, without having to exclude a system because it cannot ‘’communicate’’ with other ones». 
Russ Carriere, Sales Manager of Phason, «We are proud to work with Gestal as they share the same values and goals as our company: increasing customer’s productivity, reducing production costs, constant innovation and continuous improvement. We, at Phason, believe both companies products meet the same high standards of reliability and toughness. With over 50 years of combined experience innovating with farmers in mind, we believe integrating our systems will provide the best solution to our customers.»
Advantages of the collaboration
The collaboration between Jyga Technologies and Phason allows the farmers to count on a more complete range of services by offering feeding systems and ventilation products that are available for everyone.