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Unverferth Completes Expansion of its Iowa Manufacturing Plant

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. has completed a major addition of a 5,000-square-foot facility and renovations at its Shell Rock, Iowa, plant. The 13th project since the company bought the facility in 1988. Unverferth also plans to add 55 jobs to the area to support increased demand and diversification of product lines at the Shell Rock plant.

The addition adds a top-of-the-line manufacturing space and expanded room for storage of component parts for products such as Brent grain carts and wagons, Unverferth Pro-Force dry fertilizer spreaders, Unverferth NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicators and Top Air sprayers.

A number of upgrades and modernizations are part of the renovation to ensure employees are safe, operations are efficient and products are manufactured to the highest quality. New upgrades include:

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