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Update On PED Outbreak

On Tuesday, Manitoba Pork gave an update on the PED (Porcine epidemic diarrhea) virus outbreak in the province.

Jenelle Hamblin is Manager of Swine Health Programs with Manitoba Pork.

"Currently we are sitting at 51 confirmed cases of PED in Manitoba. They are mostly in the southeast part of the province where we have traditionally seen our cases. However, this year we did see 2 early cases in that Brunkild area and more recently we've seen 2 cases west of the [Highway] 75, two different RM's, in the RM of Cartier and the RM of North Norfolk. It has jumped a little bit outside the southeast. Of those 51, we currently have 19 sow farms, 10 nursery, 18 finisher and four farrow to finish."

She notes numbers in this current 12-week outbreak are trending similar to outbreaks in 2017 and 2019. Hamblin says risk factors haven't changed, adding there have been breaches in transport biosecurity.

Manitoba Pork says PED poses no threat to food safety or human health.

Hamblin stressed the importance of maintaining high biosecurity across the province.

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