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USDA World Agricultural Production Report

Brazil Corn: Estimated Yield Increases Following Good Rainfall

The United States Department of Agriculture forecasts Brazil corn production for 2012/13 at a record 74.0 million tons, up 1.5 million or 2 percent from last month and up 1.0 million tons or 1 percent from the previous record in 2011/12. Area is estimated at a record 15.5 million hectares, no change from last month but up 300,000 hectares or 2 percent from last year. Total corn yield is forecast at 4.77 tons per hectare, higher than the 5-year average, but short of last year’s record yield of 4.80 tons per hectare.

Brazilian corn yield increased due to beneficial and consistent rains since late February for the Safrinha crop in Mato Grosso, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Safrinha corn yield potential in Mato Grosso is determined by the length of the rainy season. Last year the rainy World Agricultural Production

European Union Corn: Final Estimates Revised Upwards for 2012/13

The 2012/13 European Union (EU) corn crop is revised to 56.1 million tons, up 1.4 million tons or 3 percent higher than last month, but down 10.1 million tons or 15 percent from the 2011/12 crop. Corn area in the EU is estimated at 9.1 million hectares, 0.2 million or 2 percent above last month, and 0.3 million hectares or 4 percent above the previous 2011/12 season. Yield is estimated at 6.13 tons per hectare, nearly unchanged from last month, but 18 percent below the 7.51 tons achieved in 2011/12, and 10 percent below the 5-year average.

Revisions were made to the 2012/13 corn crop in Poland, Hungary, and Spain. The increase in Poland was due to record yields, achieved on record area. Summer crop area was dramatically increased last spring after winter had destroyed or damaged extensive area that had been sown with winter wheat or rapeseed. Much of this area was re-sown last spring with corn. As a result, the estimated 2012/13 corn crop in Poland was harvested on 79 percent more area than its 5-year average. In addition, with yields 16 percent above average,
production in Poland is revised up 0.4 million tons from last month to 4.0 million tons, or 67 percent above last year’s production, and over twice the 5-year average.

Estimates from Hungary were also increased this month in response to higher final estimates. Primarily, the changes were due to a decrease in corn cut for silage, with its area and production being transferred into grain corn. Additionally, there was also an increase in corn grown in April 2013

Paraguay Soybeans: Record Area, Yield and Production Set

Paraguay soybean production for 2012/13 is estimated at a record 8.35 million tons, 8 percent more than last month and 92 percent more than last year’s drought-reduced crop. Area harvested is estimated at a record 3.0 million hectares, 0.1 million less than last month but up 0.2 million from last year. Yield is also estimated at a record, 2.78 tons per hectare.

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Source: USDA 

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