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Vantage Ag sets new standard for sustainable, effective fertilization with full lineup of their reacted liquid Quantum Ag Technologies.

The agricultural and fertilizer industries have seen a multitude of developments in recent years in efforts to become more efficient, effective, and sustainable. Most of these are add-on products that try and improve the efficiencies of old fertilizer technology. Vantage Ag has achieved something entirely new by bringing a proprietary nano technology platform to the marketplace and introducing an entire lineup of nutrients. In February we announced the launch of our sulphur product.

Today we are announcing that we now have a full line up of these nano liquid products. These tiny nutrient particles are entirely bio-available and quickly absorbed and metabolized by the plant and are designed to cover and penetrate plant tissue like nothing else on the market. These highly efficient nutrient particles are just one-third to two-thirds of a nanometer in size, allowing it to carry a high nutritional load while using less of the product than ever before.

Vantage Ag has now added the following nutrients in this new nano particle product offering; nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron. President, Paul Sinkevich says, “We are only using a fraction of the nutrient compared to other products, so this is the most sustainable and efficient fertilizer available today. The days of placing all of your fertilizer needs at seeding time and hoping for a crop are over.

With this new lineup of foliar products, growers are able to get what the plant needs, when it needs it.” This approach will reduce grower risk, which has been on a steady increase over the last few years. This high-value, revolutionary product is exclusive to Vantage Ag and is currently only available through independent dealers in western Canada.

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